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For Immediate Release:

March 9, 2014


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Harold Schwartz

27128 Marina Lane

Barnett, MO65011

(573) 372-0344


ShowMe Software releases ProKon v10.0


Release 10.0 of ProKon, the Calculation Companion, ranks ProKon as the preferred path for the business professional interested in accessing the widest range of mathematics intensive tools in the Windows software market.Used by individuals requiring an array of calculation tools integrated into a single software package, ProKon offers multiple calculation modules capable of performing a wide range of calculations utilizing formulas that vary from the most commonly used to the most specialized.


ProKon has, as its basis, an engine capable of performing well in excess of 500,000 unique unit conversions.In addition to unit conversions, a full-featured scientific/financial/geometry calculator is available, which can be called instantly from within the application.Also included are over 60 calculation modules capable of performing complex calculations that vary from Cost of Ownership to Exchange Rates to Tank Volumes.Most modules offer multi-directional math functions with capabilities for performing calculations using a minimum of known variables.In addition, many modules include multiple sub-modules that allow the calculation of closely related data.All of these are built into ProKon and within easy reach.


The pop-up scientific/financial/geometry calculator is a fully functional scientific calculator capable of 15-digit accuracy.All calculations are shown on an integral tape style editable display from which results can be printed or copied to the Windows clipboard.Calculator results are fully integrated into the unit conversion sections of ProKon, enabling free interchange of data between the two functions.A full range of financial calculations is available in addition to volume, area, and surface area calculation modules covering a wide array of geometric figures.


With version 10.0, ProKonís user interface has been redesigned with ease-of-use in mind.Most calculation features in the application can be accessed several ways, which enables the user to navigate the program effortlessly.It is obvious that special care was taken in the design of the integrated help system to assist even novice users in taking full advantage of the multitude of features.Not only is help available to aid in performing a calculation, a full explanation of the usage function of each module is included.


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